THE TOY SOLDIERS music by Nathaniel Levisay, featuring songs by Daily Bread and Gliss

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Howlin' Wolf Records is proud to release Nathaniel Levisay's score for The Toy Soldiers ...a score reflective in nature accentuating both light and dark with a glimmer of hope.

The Toy Soldiers takes place in the 1980's and focuses on a group of teenagers whose stories intertwine and meet with tragedy. The film is told in a non-linear fashion, which allows composer Nathaniel Levisay an opportunity to get deep within the tumultuous culture of teenage sex and drugs. Rather than simply focusing on individual characters, Levisay takes the listener on a musical journey creating a sonic soundscape that is engaging, harrowing, and at times hopeful. Rounding out the soundtrack are songs by Daily Bread and Gliss.

Fans of composer Nathaniel Levisay will be equally delighted to know that early orders will ship with an additional booklet autographed by the composer. The Toy Soldiers is beautifully packaged in a jewel case with a 12-page booklet with art direction by Luis M. Rojas, a note from writer/director Erik Peter Carlson, and liner notes by Zach Tow.

The Toy Soldiers packaging

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THE TOY SOLDIERS Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Album Running Time: 65 mins 36 secs

Track Track Title Running Time
01 Main Title / The 1980's 3:53
02 Prove Something to the World 6:05
03 We're Rock Hard 3:30
04 The Hellacious Tale of Mary Part I
05 Our Rad Beats Couldn't Save This Place 1:57
06 You 3:02
07 Don't Want to Miss Out on My Something 3:15
08 The Hellacious Tale of Mary Part II 1:41
09 Is this a Moment? 7:26
10 The One Who Loves You 3:01
11 The End of an Era and Finale 3:04
12 In All (performed by Daily Bread) 4:03
13 Allure (performed by Daily Bread) 4:01
14 You Have Become (performed by Daily Bread) 5:49
15 She Spider (performed by Daily Bread) 3:48
16 The Sea Tonight (performed by Gliss) 5:12
17 Black is Blue (performed by Gliss) 3:21