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Howlin' Wolf Records is proud to present two scores on one CD for the films THE OUTSIDER and DEAD END with music composed by Savage & Spies.

Savage & Spies is the composer duo comprised of Australian composer and concert violinist Patrick Savage and French composer and electronica guru Holeg Spies. Based between Los Angeles, London, and Paris, Savage & Spies are best known for scoring the modern cult classic THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE. Between the two they have also contributed to many renowned films including Peter Jackson's LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy, Martin Scorsese's HUGO, Disney's INTO THE WOODS, Mike Takashi's ICHI THE KILLER, and the 2007 remake of THE HITCHER, produced by Michael Bay.

Howlin' Wolf Records recently released the American Deluxe Edition of KORE KOSMOU, the collaborative album between Holeg Spies, Ariel Electron (X-Dream), and Thierry Gotti (Spectral Moog), featuring John Klein (Specimen, Siouxsie & The Banshees), East Bay Ray (Dead Kennedys), Patrick Savage (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra), and Johnny Deluxe

THE OUTSIDER / DEAD END is beautifully packaged in a jewel case with an 8-page booklet featuring vivid full color designs by graphic artist/designer Luis M. Rojas.

The Outsider packaging presentation

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THE OUTSIDER / DEAD END Original Motion Picture Soundtracks
Album Running Time: 55 mins 12 secs

The Outsider (Directed by Brian A. Miller
Track Track Title Running Time
01 Introduction to Shuuster 3:52
02 That's Not Sam 2:53
03 The Getaway 1:14
04 The Outsider
05 Coming Home 1:48
06 The Getaway (suite) 2:36
07 In the Office 3:12
08 Shuuster's Party 1:16
09 Melissa 1:58
10 An Even 100k 1:22
11 Drive to the Party 1:28
12 That's Our Guy 1:42
13 Got It 3:13
14 The Outsider (epilogue) 2:36
DEAD END (Directed by Nick Lean)
15 Dead End 3:04
16 Waking-Up 1:58
17 Struggle 1:24
18 Let me Have a Go 3:24
19 Bathroom 1:52
20 Take Her to the Room 2:29
21 Herschel and Chloe 1:07
22 Fight 1:04
23 The Kiss 1:27
24 Hell 1:05
25 Flashbacks 4:21