THE BUNKER music by Robert Feigenblatt

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Howlin' Wolf Records is pleased to present Robert Feigenblatt's rich, melodic score for the Joseph M. Monks' feature THE BUNKER. Joseph M. Monks is an author, co-creator of Cry For Dawn horror comic book anthology, and director - achieving his life-long ambition of producing and directing a feature film despite losing his site in 2002 due to diabetic retinopathy. **As a special promotion, all orders including PHASE 7 and one other Howlin' Wolf Records title can receive THE BUNKER for free. This is a limited promotion. You would not need to add THE BUNKER to your cart, simply request a copy of THE BUNKER in the special instructions field when placing your order.

THE BUNKER may also be purchased directly from the Director Joseph M. Monks along with his killer autographed book Stuff Outa My Head for the awesome combined price of $12.00! A deal you WILL NOT BEAT ANYWHERE!

THE BUNKER available through Movie Music Store • Screen Archives Entertainment

Robert Feigenblatt was born in New York City in 1957. From an early age, he has always been a fan of films and film music. Youthful dreams of a career in "show business" got sidetracked by life and it wasn't until 2006 when an audition for a local communtiy theatre production reignited that ambition. Since then, Robert has acted in over 25 stage plays, a local TV commercial and performed voice-over work. In 2009 he composed his first stage musical: EBENEZER SCROOGE, based on Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Robert wrote the script, music, and lyrics seeing it staged at two venues. Through mutual friends, Robert met Joseph M. Monks, a writer/director, who although totally blind, managed to direct his first feature film THE BUNKER. Joe was shopping for a new composer and after listening to a CD of the Scrooge musical, gave Robert an opportunity to score THE BUNKER. The result is a classically thematic horror score!

THE BUNKER features beautiful cover art and layout designs by Luis M. Rojas.

THE BUNKER Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Limited Edition Pressing of 1000

Music Composed By Robert Feigenblatt
Score Mixed & Edited By Eric Valdes
Orchestrations By Robert Feigenblatt

Score Running Time: 32 mins

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Click on highlighted tracks below to hear excerpts from select score cues.

Track Track Title Running Time
01 Selling Their Wares 1:55
02 Lonely Street 1:01
03 Abducted 1:13
04 The Guest 1:14
05 Gas Mask 1:01
06 The Money 0:37
07 The Fix 1:23 
08 The Scrapbook 1:44
09 Remembrance 0:58
10 Captivity Montage 3:03
11 Day 11 1:36
12 No News 1:02
13 The Posters 1:43
14 Restrained 1:10
15 Nailed 0:24
16 Voices 1:00
17 Special Delivery 1:25
18 All In A Day's Work 3:52
19 Flashback 2:42
20 Ebenezer Scrooge.. The Musical Suite 2:35