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Howlin' Wolf Records proudly presents a new score by Guillermo Guareschi (PHASE 7) for the fast-paced romantic comedy MUSIC ON HOLD ...a lush and beautiful score to celebrate the holidays. The score is recorded with a string quartet, bassoon, and piano and textured with clarinet, electric bass, synths, percussion, guitars, and banjo. Included on the album are piano solos inspired by the theme "Seba," which is the theme composed by the composer in the storyline of the film inspired by a love interest (Natalia Oreiro)

Música en espera (MUSIC ON HOLD) is a 2009 Argentinian film directed by Hernán A. Goldfrid starring Natalia Oreiro and Diego Peretti. The story revolves around two protagonists who are brought together by chance circumstances, Ezequiel (Peretti) a composer struggling to complete the score for a film in production and Paula (Oreiro) a young woman nine-months pregnant, recently abandoned by her boyfriend, and set to carry out an elaborate deception as her mother visits to witness the birth of her grandchild ...not knowing the father-to-be is no longer in the picture.

For a VERY limited time, orders placed on the Howlin' Wolf Records website will ship with an additional insert booklet autographed by composer Guillermo Guareschi. This offer is available while very limited supplies last.

MUSIC ON HOLD is packaged in a jewel case with full color inserts, featuring an 4-panel booklet with vibrant designs by Luis M. Rojas and liner notes penned by composer Guillermo Guareshi.  

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MUSIC ON HOLD Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Album Running Time: 39 mins 56 secs

Track Track Title Running Time
01 Elisa 0:20
02 To the Bank 1:12
03 Ezequiel on the Loose 1:16
04 Mother-in-Law Theme
05 Inside the Bank 1:04
06 On Fire 1:16
07 Bach Inconclude 1:41
08 Sushi 1:16
09 Mother-in-Law Nap 0:38
10 Seba 3:03
11 Seba on Clarinets 2:43
12 Ringtones 1:39
13 The Waiting 2:44
14 End Titles 0:37
15 Irish on Hold 2:50
16 Bathroom's Vertigo 2:25
17 Borlänge 1:54
18 A Minor 2:26
19 Beaufort 2:22
20 Mysteries of Gargantua 2:24
21 The Garden Inside 2:44
22 Vastagus 2:23