COLLAPSE music by Vincent Gillioz

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Howlin' Wolf Records proudly presents COLLAPSE by award-winning composer Vincent Gillioz (LAST BREATH). COLLAPSE finds Chris Mulkey (CAPTAIN PHILLIPS, TWIN PEAKS) as everyman Robert Morgan in a modern fable of psychological horror, pushed to the edge in order to protect himself and his family from a zombie apocalypse. Composer Vincent Gillioz creates a suspenseful, emotion-laden score in his signature style of chamber-like instrumental colours layered and juxtaposed with touches of lyricism. The music charts an organic course which runs parallel to Chris Mulkey's unravelling universe, devolving from melody and consonant chords into friction and dissonance, a stark yet provocative study of contrasts to create a unique sonic atmosphere that fans of this genre will not want to miss!

For a VERY limited time, orders placed on the Howlin' Wolf Records website will ship with an additional insert booklet autographed by composer Vincent Gillioz. This offer is available while supplies last.

COLLAPSE is packaged in a jewel case with full color inserts, featuring an 12-page booklet with art direction by Luis M. Rojas and informative liner notes by Benjamin Chee.

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COLLAPSE Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Album Running Time: 52 mins 55 secs

Track Track Title Running Time
01 The Zomibe Dance 2:10
02 Tormented 0:55
03 My Son is Sick 1:47
04 Playing with the Head in the Sink
05 Storming the Town 1:24
06 Contaminated 2:00
07 Police Charge 3:58
08 Post-Apocalyptic Landscape 3:38
09 Family Dinner 3:07
10 Into Darkness 1:36
11 Sneaking in the Plagued Town 3:46
12 Listening to the CB Radio 1:34
13 Aftershock 1:50
14 Disturbing Intruder 1:33
15 Zombies in the House 3:11
16 Like a Bad Dream 2:17
17 Assailed 2:08
18 Inauspicious 3:34
19 Going Out Alone 2:57
20 Cold House 2:05
21 Hostile Ride 1:32
22 Pandemic 1:37