A CADAVER CHRISTMAS music by William Campbell

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Howlin' Wolf Records is excited to ring in the holidays with William Campbell's lively and entertaining score for the yuletide zombie romp, A CADAVER CHRISTMAS, directed by Joseph Zerull.

William Campbell is a composer, pianist and improviser whose music has been performed throughout North America by orchestras, chamber groups, vocalists, in theater productions, and can be heard in the documentary, “Finding Face” (Spin Film). As a pianist he has performed with multiple new music groups including the acclaimed Sonoran Consort. His first solo piano CD, simply titled, “Piano Songs,” was released in 2011. Campbell is the recipient of numerous composition awards, as well as a member of ASCAP and CCLI, and is a board member of the Iowa Composers Forum, helping to organize festivals of contemporary music. He earned degrees from the University of Arizona (B.M.), the San Francisco Conservatory of Music (M.M.), and the University of Oregon (Ph.D.).

A CADAVER CHRISTMAS features a fun, rhythmically-brooding score that takes the listener on a journey through a demented holiday soundscape blending the aura of classic horror and science fiction with the sounds of Christmas!

A CADAVER CHRISTMAS is beautifully packaged in a jewel case with an 8-page booklet featuring vivid full color designs by graphic artist/designer Luis M. Rojas and cover artwork by The Dude Designs. For a limited time, orders placed through the Howlin' Wolf Records website will ship with an additional insert booklet autographed by composer William Campbell.
A Cadaver Christmas presentation

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Click on highlighted tracks below to hear excerpts from select score cues.

A CADAVER CHRISTMAS Original Motion Picture Soundtracks
Album Running Time: 44 mins 54 secs

Track Track Title Running Time
01 Cadaver Main Theme 1:03
02 Cadaver Flashback 1:31
03 Transition 0:14
04 Entering the School
05 Split-Up Montage / Lone Cadaver 5:35
06 Janitor Appears 0:11
07 Men on a Mission / Scare 0:22
08 Follow the Security Officer 1:18
09 Perp Checks Door 0:23
10 Bloody Notebook 0:32
11 Classroom Fight 2:22
12 Tom Shares 0:49
13 Main Hallway Fight 6:34
14 Slow Motion Fight / O Holy Night 3:04
15 Bar Talk & Janitor Enters 2:28
16 Cop Enters 0:26
17 Follow the Janitor 0:40
18 Hero Walking / Argue 2:04
19 Janitor's Closet 1:02
20 Lone Cadaver / Flashback 2 4:00
21 Need a Bandage 0:08
22 Not a Cop 2:04
23 Phone Security 0:54
24 Realization / Jailed 0:43
25 Xmas Lights / Transition 2 0:18
26 Credits & Jail Ending 1:04
27 Alone / Stinger 0:11
28 Elevator Muzak (Good King Wen) 0:38
29 Cadaver Mash Up 2:45