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Rondo Hatton Classic Film Award nomination

April 2010
SILENT NIGHT, BLOODY NIGHT receives a RONDO HATTON CLASSIC FILM AWARD nomination for Best Soundtrack or CD. Thanks to all who took time to vote for this great award recognition event for classic horror! Congratulations to Film Score Monthly for their release of STAR TRECK II THE WRATH OF KHAN winning Best Soundtrack or CD!

Rondo Hatton Award statue

SILENT NIGHT, BLOODY NIGHT reviewed by Rue Morgue

Issue 99, April 2010


...his (Gershon Kingsley) orchestral music for this 1974 nascent holiday slasher is a stunner. Buiding the score around the perenial Christmas classic "Silent Night," Kingsley reconfigures aspects of the song into tragic, abrassive and sometimes luxuriously mordant variations; his sweeping use of strings, gentle piano and the counterbalance of lyricism and dissonance recall John Williams' Dracula score...
Reviewed by Mark R. Hasan of Rue-Morgue Magazine (Issue 99, April 2010)

...SILENT NIGHT, BLOODY NIGHT (also known as DEATH HOUSE) was one of the few movie scores composed by avant-garde electric music pioneer Gershon Kingsley, best know for his 1969 pop single "Popcorn." Here Kingsley shows equal power in the symphonic realm, with strings and piano giving suspenseful stealth to the film's homicidal maniac... Read the rest of the review
Reviewed by Daniel Schweiger of Film Music Magazine

...Kingsley's Silent Night, Bloody Night should make for a pleasant surprise for listeners who appreciate gothic horror movie music. While there's plenty of tense dissonance in the score, it is offset by concise themes that give it a sturdy shape. This is a very limited edition (1,000 copies) that deserves to sell out.
Reviewed by Stevan A. Kennedy of Film Score Monthly Online

...a very eerie, orchestral score for piano and strings ... there are sweeping melodies, frantic string passages in the veins of Bernard Herrmann and some really fun takes on the Christmas carol...
Read the rest of the review
Reviewed by Joep de Bruijn of MainTitles.net

Rue Morgue magazine cover April 2010

Arbogast on Film and Two Thumbs, Eight Fingers report on HWR

Howlin' Wolf Records sits down with Two Thumbs, Eight Fingers Movies, Music, Mahem for an indepth discussion on the label, MALEVOLENCE, Stevan Mena, SILENT NIGHT, BLOODY NIGHT, and Gershon Kingsley.

Arbogast on Film does an insightful review of SILENT NIGHT, BLOODY NIGHT the film and the score.



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