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MEAN GUNS by Tony Riparetti in the works

April 20, 2011
Tony Riparetti is currently working with his mastering team to ready his mambo inspired score for Albert Pyun's 1997 film MEAN GUNS starring Christopher Lambert, Ice-T, Michael Halsey, and Deborah Van Valkenburgh. You can read a segment on this release by Danny Gonzalez, NY Film Music Examiner. Visit the link below for the latest from the NYC Examiner.

Danny Gonzalez feature article for the NY Examiner
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Interview with composer Tony Riparetti by Dr. Gore's Funhouse

April 12, 2011
Want to know more about composer/musician Tony Riparetti
Christian Sellers of Dr. Gore's Funhouse sits down for a discussion with composer Tony Riparetti. Visit THE FUNHOUSE for all of the gory details!

CLick here to read the interview
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May 5, 2011
Director Jack Messitt's 2008 feature MIDNIGHT MOVIE, scored by composer Penka Kouneva, is being screened and soon released as an Expanded and Enhanced Director's "KILLER CUT" DVD with updated video effects and extended scenes ...includes new music composed by Penka Kouneva and featured on the recent limited edition pressing showcased by Howlin' Wolf Records. Don't miss out on this awesome new DVD ...and if you have not treated yourself yet, pick up MIDNIGHT MOVIE the score by Penka Kouneva! These beautifully packaged limited edition discs are currently on sale for the insanely reasonable price of $11.95!

Purchase the Killer Cut DVD at Amazon.com or directly from Bigfoot Entertainment.
Also, meet Penka Kouneva, composer of videogames, television, and film scores in person at an upcoming composer signing.

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